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I should name this blog “Living the day by day life” I have to stay encouraged every day, and not give up. You who read my blog must'n either.  I know its hard but, its like an algebra equation.  LIfe has many different turns before you get the answer.  However, being alive and blessed is what I look forward to, and thank God for. I expect the postive to every negitive. I actually am gettimg  to know myself.  Hi Bianca! you are alright.  I didnt know you were that strong. My Uncle used to say" I am doing time and time is life"

Love Lady Bianca


Hello folks, looks like the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer should be successful.  I was invited to come and sing with the Stinkfoot  15 Piece Orchestra on June 24 2022. It will be held in Oakland CA. at the "New Parish" Theater.  I am really excited about this.  

I know Covid is still looming but I hope you will  come out and visit with us at the places we will be performing.  Please wear you mask and keep us and yourselves safe.

Lady Bianca

New beginnings and Feeling Good! 

I am finally coming out of the heaviness of grief and loss of 2021  It feels like a new day, doesn't it?  I know the pandemic is still around.  

I am  going to be careful and get myself back out on that stage, this spring and summer.  That's were I feel GOOD!  So here we go.

Check out some of my dates and come and see me. 

Love yall


Lady Bianca

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Testimonial : "Quite frankly , Lady Bianca is the artist most suited to carry on the vocal and piano legacy of Ms. Aretha Franklin!"                                                     

Andre Jonson 

Warner Bros Recording Artist & Producer



 Lady Bianca is a Gospel and R&B vocalist and pianist, recording artist and producer originally from Kansas City Missouri.  She  is celebrated as the "Queen of the Blues and Gospel" across the Blues landscape.  With her partner, the late Stanley Lippitt, she has amassed a catalog of over 300 songs while executive producing nine albums, including her recent release ,

" Lady Bianca Sings : Hold on a Little While Longer and Gonna Have a Mighty Good Time" (2020] on the independent label Magic-O Records.  She has toured the world as a featured opening act  and vocal arranger  with Frank Zappa , Sly Stone, Van Morrison, John Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon, Etta James, Curtis Mayfield,  KoKo Taylor and  Joe Louis Walker.  She continues to  perform with her trio in Blues Festivals  domestically and Internationally. Her film credits  include the Documentaries Survivors, the Blues today,  Ginas Journey, and Evolution of the Blues.  She continues to perform  at sea on the Legendary Blues Cruise

She will be joining as a special Guest with the Stinkfoot Orchestra at the Parish Theater , in Oakland this summer.  and  the Western Addition cultural center in San Francisco with her trio  in September 2022.

Her music can be streamed on Spotify and iHeart radio and heard in  rotation on  KPFA, KPOO, and  KCSM.  

Visit  Can't Stop the Blues on Facebook, and Youtube. com for Lady Bianca's  live performances 


KCSM Blues on the Hill.












2021 Bio

Lady Bianca 

Lady Bianca, is a gospel and R&B vocalist/pianist, artist, and producer with roots in Kansas City, MO and Macon, GA. Raised by a father who taught her Texas Blues piano as a child, Lady Bianca has evolved into an icon in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is widely known as the “Queen of the Blues and Gospel.” With her partner Stanley Lippitt, she has amassed a catalog of over 300 songs, and has produced, arranged and recorded 9 albums, including her recent release, “Lady Bianca Sings, ‘Hold on a Little While longer’, ‘Gonna have a Mighty Good Time” (2020)’, via her own Magic-O Records (“Home of the Mighty Oakland Sound”) label. Lady Bianca has toured the country with her trio and was a featured solo vocalist and pianist in the International Boogie-Woogie Festival in Lugano, Switzerland. In 2015, Lady Bianca represented the Golden Gate Blues Society in Memphis as a contestant in the International Blues Challenge, in the solo/duo category. In 2017, Lady Bianca sang “Oh, Freedom” in the Roots Award-winning film documentary Gina’s Journey: The Search for William Grimes, and was the featured narrative voice in the Oakland-based film documentary Evolution of the Blues. In 2017-2019, Lady Bianca sailed the Caribbean seas on the legendary Blues Cruise #30, #33, and was a featured performer in the Mitch Woods Billboard Lounge aboard ship. She has performed, recorded and toured the world with Frank Zappa, Sly Stone, Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker as a featured vocalist and background vocal arranger. Lady Bianca continues to record and release amazing music. Her ‘records can be heard on Spotify, Pandora and Heart Radio, as well as on local radio stations such as KPFA, KPOO and KCSM. On August 8th 2020, Lady Bianca will appear in a virtual concert, “Can’t Stop the Blues.” August 22, 2021 The Lady will be performing the  very first Black Women Blues Festival at the Freight and 

Salvage in Berkeley California.,



 2018 BIO

Lady Bianca was born in Kansas City, Missouri and moved to San Francisco at four years of age. She won a scholarship to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music while still in high school. 

She was given the stage name Lady Bianca by bandleader Quinn Harris, with whom she first recorded the album entitled All in the Soul.

Acclaimed Jazz lyricist and singer Jon Hendricks hired Lady Bianca for the role of Billie Holiday in the hugely successful stage production of Evolution of the Blues which had an unprecedented five -year run in San Francisco.  She also had the privilege  to record with him on his album Tell Me the Truth. 

Lady Bianca has recorded and worked with Sly & The Family Stone Heard ya Missed Me Well I am back, Van Morrison Beautiful Vision, Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart, Frank Zappa You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore and Philly 76) , and Taj Mahal  Taj Mahal and The International Rhythm Band, Live & Direct. Additionally, she has worked with Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker, and Merle Haggard. Lady Bianca has been nominated for a Grammy three times. 

Magic-O Records and StayFree Productions  are the companies  she formed with her husband and prolific songwriter, Stanley Lippitt.

To date, they have recorded eight albums and co-written over three hundred songs. 


T Watts 

Broadcast Music Journalist



Movies credits and Press


Movies and Documentaries:

2017-Evolutionary Blues  …  West Oaklands Music Legacy @

2016-Gina's Journey : A search for William Grimes @

1988-Classic Rhythm and Blues Vol.2 @

1984-Survivors: The Blues Today @



 2019-August 23 Issue 13-35,  featured interview with Lady Bianca Blues Blast Magazine

All About Blues Music-Lady Bianca

2013 -Fabulous Lady Bianca 



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